Now it’s time to get to work!

It’s been a week since the Open House and what a wonderful Open House it was!  Thank you to everyone that came, everyone that helped make it happen and everyone that placed orders.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

But now it’s time to get to work.  Yes, most of the orders are for Christmas, but some are not.  Some orders are from previous clients and some are from new friends.  Some ordered items will be gifts, but some individuals placed orders for themselves!  I will be making glasses bags and jewelry bags:


I will be making utility bags and wine bags:


As for Christmas, ornaments of all kinds were ordered:


Pillowcases and Pillows were ordered:


And don’t forget the babies!  New babies and grandbabies will all be recipients this year:


I have also been asked to get creative for a table runner with matching napkins and a Christmas stocking.  Designing is always fun.

Again, thank you to all!  Of course over the next months, I will continue to take orders for fall and Christmas; but once again, I am an official elf of Santa. Ho Ho Ho!


You are Invited…

Twas the night before Christmas, (Okay, not really, but there are only two weeks until Satt Cat Bags’ first Christmas in July Open House on Saturday, July 13th)

when all through the house (yes, it is happening at our house with over 30 Satt Cat Bags samples to check out)

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; (But that would be because we have CATS at the Satt CAT Inn!)

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, (Actually there will be stockings hung by the chimney, but the fireplace will probably not be on)Ho Ho Ho

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;  (Good thought, but I’m envisioning that the Main Guy is probably going to be working at the North Pole and not at the Open House) 

The children were nestled all snug in their beds;  (There will be beds, but not with children; probably more with dolls and stuffed animals)Nite Nite!

While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads; (We do plan to have snacks for all.  If you are at the Satt Cat Inn, there is food)

And mamma in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap, (Okay, that’s not happening but the Old Guy will be there to help…maybe in a Santa hat?)
Merry Christmas!
Had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap, (Not during the Open House since we look forward to talking and working with everyone, but after the Open House, a nap is a definite possibility!)  If you can read this, you are invited.    See you on July 13th!You're Invited

Save the Date

It’s a very busy time here at the Satt Cat Inn with our spring grandparent responsibilities and with Satt Cat Bags.  So far this spring, the Old Guy and I have attended 4 events for the boys with one preschool graduation yet to go.  Every program has been endearing, memorable and well worth the 2-ish hours to get there.  On the sewing side of life, I have been busy sewing projects for others AND getting ready for…(((drumroll please!)))…Satt Cat Bags’ First Christmas in July Open House scheduled for July 13th.  Stay tuned for more details in my next blog entry but for now, here’s a sampling of the sewing side of my life.  I have sewn more little play sleeping bags:

I have sewn pillowcases supassing the 100th pillowcase milestone:

I have actually sewn some Halloween mini tote candy bags.  I’ll sew for Halloween anytime!

Halloween mini totes

In working on samples to showcase, I have sewn mini loaf bags and pint jar bags, to name a few for the Open House:

And have created and printed the invitation, planned the snacks menu and made the supporting logistic notes and place cards for the Open House.  Ah, the details!  I am very excited (and terrified) about this upcoming Open House, so please mark your calendar for the afternoon of July 13th and I hope to see you!

Jack (or Jill) of All!

Over the last month – besides traveling to a Cardinal baseball game in Milwaukee, Easter in northeast Iowa and to our first (of four) grandparent spring events of the wee boys, I have sewn some very diverse and fun projects.  Some are mainstay Satt Cat Bag items and some are more personal specific.

I have sewn gift bags.  I like how the same basic design (even in various sizes) looks so different just by changing the fabric.  As always, each fabric is chosen personally for the recipient.

I have sewn a fun play sleeping bag and pillowcases:

I have sewn burp cloths for the upcoming birth of a new grandchild and mini mittens for some special little ones:

I have sewn a walker bag for the University of Missouri’s #1 Fan; Go Tigers!MO Walker Bag

I have sewn little candy boxes …..yes, boxes:

And I have sewn pillows, more pillows and even a table runner:

It has been a busy, busy month out of the sewing room and obviously, IN the sewing room, too!  Each of these items has been fun to create and have made me think that I am a “Jack or Jill of all”…..bags, boxes, pillows, pillowcases, mini mittens or table runners.  I know that I have over 50 idfferent designs in my Design Book, but this past month has truly been an adventure… a good way, of course!



Events of Spring

Now that the weather has changed here in the Midwest (finally!), we all start thinking of spring and all its activities.  There are the obvious holidays of Easter and Mother’s Day; and then there are those hidden events of graduations, those final school programs, games and concerts and even bridal or baby showers.  All of these have the potential to be emotional (been there); but are definitely a time of families, friendships and memories.

I have had the privilege to sew for all of the above and be a part of preserving those memories.  There is always the bunny bag (an SCB spring staple) for Easter or a Memory Bear made from a piece of clothing that had belonged to a beloved mother or grandmother.

There are bags for sporting teams to commemorate their tournament-bound winning seasons, gift card bags, laundry bags or gift bags for graduates or moms.

Don’t forget about those ladies’ spring luncheons or showers and their favor bags.  Colors are always so bright, cheerful and inviting in the spring!

One of the many items on my to-do list for this spring is spring candy bags that will be year-end thank-you gifts for some special teachers and coaches.  The weather is warming up, and the sewing continues – two very good things!  For even more ideas, click on MY WEBSITE  and check out the various categories to find just the right idea for your spring event.


A Long Winter Indeed

This Winter of 2019 has truly been a beast.  The amount of snow and ice, the bitter cold and the number of school snow days for the wee boys has been unprecedented.  The Old Guy and I have been through winters like this one before, but not while living in this community.  Of course to pass the time and ignore the weather, I have been sewing.  And thankfully, I have been sewing a lot!

I have been sewing tote bags and even more pillows.  Pillows for adventurous kids, for others and even for clients’ personal spaces.

I have sewn wine bags for two cat lovers.  I even found snow and cat fabric for the lining in the traditional snowman wine bag.

Memory Bears are always rewarding.  These bears were made from a beloved grandmother’s favorite dress.   All the details are personal and indicative of this fine lady.  Truly a humbling and heartwarming project for me.Winter Memory Bear Family

Warm nana blankies for a new baby and mini nana blankies for  a preschooler to snuggle with are always a treat to sew.

I have sewn a toy bag for a preschooler that loves trains and gift bags for two special ladies.  One bag was filled with candy, too!

It’s not surprising then that even though the winter of 2019 continues here in the Midwest and Daylight Savings Time begins, I continue to sew!  Spring WILL be coming eventually, but it’s nice to know that I can enjoy the peace and tranquility that fresh snow does provide and STILL be sewing!




Babies – Function or Fun?

It is always an exciting time whenever I am sewing for a baby.  Either the wee one has not yet arrived and families are preparing; OR it has just been born and I get requests to celebrate the birth with a personalized item.  That analysis could be considered function versus fun.

It is my experience that new parents and their contemporaries tend to order items that are more functional – the nana blankies for cuddling, maybe a bag to hold supplies or laundry or even burp cloths for the obvious issue of babies and burps.

I have sewn items prior to a baby’s birth for a baby shower or as the nursery is being established; and I have sewn items after the birth to be able to add an embroidered name and/or date.  Sometimes the sex of the baby is not known until after the birth so items may need to be gender neutral or items are coordinated to the nursery.

BUT on the other hand, it seems that grandparents, doting aunties and friends tend to order items that are more for fun.  For example, I have a number of clients that have ordered mitten bags or mini mitten ornaments for each grandchild.  As the family grows, so do the collection of mittens or mini mittens! Fun!

Mini nana blankies are also very popular for babies.  These blankies, made from flannel, fleece or minky are about a quarter of the size of a regular sized nana blankie, but definitely can be useful and personalized at the same time!

When commemorating first holidays or even that first tooth of a baby, a whimsical bunny bag, tooth fairy bag or even a trick or treat bag can be perfect.  Again, an embroidered name makes these bags even more fun when in different colors that are personal to the child or family.

Whether you lean toward the function side of baby sewing or are all in toward the fun and whimsical, please know that sewing for babies is a pleasure that I absolutely love!  For more ideas on welcoming your new little one to the world, please enjoy the “BABY” Category on my website at

Pillow Talk

As the snow flies and piles up here at the Satt Cat Inn, I have been busy sewing…of course!  It is interesting that by chance, I have recently done quite a few pillows of different sizes, fabrics and designs.

I was given an outgrown beloved tornado t-shirt from Grandson #1 (our resident meteorologist) and voile’, it turned into a cute 10″ x 10″ pillow.pillow - tornado

I used a basic red plaid flannel with a black back to create pillows for our living room and a neighbor’s house to create just that nice warm splash of color during the holidays.  These were 18″ square pillows.pillow - Christmas plaid

I had the privilege of creating a 14″ x 28″ pillow for a young tourist who was traveling to London, England.  Her mother had found this fabulous fabric highlighting all of the places to see in London.  I added some personality to the project by adding the young lady’s name to the pillow.  After all, SHE was there!

pillow - London front
front of pillow
pillow - London back
back of pillow

I also used the leftover fabric from a drapery project of our kids to create nice living room 19″ x 19″ pillows there as well.  Happy Birthday K!pillow - living room

How fun to create a gift for someone that incorporates not only their name, but also their hobby.  This is the end result of an 18″ x 18″ pillow for a golfing family in Florida.pillow - golf plaid

And our Grandson #5 is getting an overstuffed kid chair for his birthday so nana is providing a 12″ x 12″ pillow to coordinate with not only his chair, but also his room of blue and red.pillow - L and plaid

Yes, I have made other items since the first of the year, but that’s for another time.  Right now in this weather, cuddle up with a blanket AND a pillow and enjoy that cup of coffee or hot chocolate by the fireplace!



Let’s Party!

Since the beginning of Satt Cat Bags, people have asked me what I can make for… a new baby, weddings, a party, etc.  It seems that those individuals would have a theme or event in mind, just not know what to provide for said theme or event.  To guide that thinking pattern, 12 categories were developed on my website ( to help.  By no means are these the only answers, but at least it is a direction!

In this long month of January, I am sewing like crazy (a future blog post), but let’s highlight the website’s “Parties” category for now.  A party, whether it is for a birthday, retirement, anniversary or whatever, usually has a theme.  I have had the privilege of sewing treat bags for many parties.  Some parties, and especially children’s parties have the traditional goody bag, but why not make it a re-usable goody bag for when the party is over?  That bag could be a great souvenir of a great party that is actually functional long after the party!

Many a bag that I have made has been used or reused for jewelry, change, ear buds or electronic paraphernalia.  If it is a holiday party, it can be re-gifted (if not personalized) or even used as a decoration or ornament.  Of course, it could be just a personal candy bag that is perpetually refilled, too!  That would be me.

Souvenir Satt Cat Bag items for parties could even be something totally ‘not a bag’.  I have made doll sleeping bags for a girl’s birthday slumber party.  Or how about a bag to hold those Lego building blocks or a tote bag for a destination or bachelorette party?

Or a bag for a scavenger hunt  or pirate party?  Or mini wine bags for a bridal luncheon?  Or sports themed bags for sports gear?

Or even a Dr. Seuss, Berenstain Bears or Eric Carle Book party!?

Well, now you all get the idea!  Explore and enjoy the “PARTIES” Category on the website and know that Satt Cat Bags can totally enhance any party with just the detail that would put your party over the top.  And today is my wedding anniversary with the Old Guy, so absolutely let’s PAR-TAY!!

Old Guys Rule

In a January of the past, I married my “Old Guy”.  Our wedding day had a high temperature of 20 degrees below zero (yes, below) and that was in the St. Louis area.  Cold.  Really cold.  We always laughed that it would be a cold day in hell before we would get married and it was, so we went through with it.  That statement still makes me laugh.

Through those 40+ years between then and now, we have both become older and supposedly wiser.  My Old Guy is now a bit larger, has grey in his hair and is owning the thought that “Old Guys Rule”.   A couple of years ago, I discovered a fabric on one of our car trips that spoke to me for him.  OMG.  I couldn’t believe it.  The purchase was made for my Old Guy’s pillow bag as we traveled on all those car trips including Route 66.  It was perfect.Pillow Bag - Papa

It wasn’t long after that at another quilt shop somewhere in America, I ran across the car fabric part of the Old Guys Rule fabric collection by Robert Kaufman.  Is it a coincidence or what that the car fabric comes in blue and red and our Trans Am is blue and our Bel Air is red?!  It was meant to be.  Pillows spoke to me for that fabric.  They can be traveling pillows when we travel in either car and when not traveling, they decorate the bench in the Old Guy’s garage.Samantha and DaisyCar Pillows - bench

As the Old Guys fabric saga continued, I found more of my now new friend Robert Kaufman’s fabric line in yet another shop.   I then determined that my Old Guy needed a pillowcase to now complement his pillow bag and travel pillows. papa

Just when I thought I’d seen the last of that line of fabric, I recently found more while doing some Christmas shopping, and decided that my Old Guy needed some shoe bags to complete his travel ensemble.  Done with denim, they are guy worthy and keep packed clothes clean.  Thank you, Robert.

Now I find out that I clearly am not the only person buying from Robert Kaufman since another design in that collection is due to come out next month.  Go Robert Go!  Whether your Old Guy is into cars (like mine), barbecue time, fishing, horses, old trucks or Americana, fabric can touch an emotion or hobby whether you are female or male, young or old.  What is very clear though is that MY Old Guy will again be getting something else.

For more information on Old Guys Rule by Robert Kaufman –

or to start your new year, check out my website for ideas for all your Old Guys and family members –